“Now those who were scattered went about preaching the word.” (Acts 8:4)

The Acts 8:4 Grant encourages and funds member-initiated evangelism and outreach. When the church scattered, they preached the word wherever they went! We scatter the gospel into our local businesses, homes, developments, schools, and workplaces.

Any member of Risen Hope can submit a proposal. Up to $50 can be spent for every family. Community groups are encouraged to combine resources to do a group outreach.

*Host your own Block Party
*Host a community group Block Party
*Give-away food, water bottles, or Gatorade at stop-lights or sporting events
*Service-project supplies (wood, drywall, cement, etc.)
*Evangelistic books and literature
*Reserving a booth at a community fair/event
*Food/snacks for hosting a Bridge-in-a-Box group.
*Give away quarters at a Laundromat.
*Reverse trick-or-treat (give away candy before Halloween)

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