According to the Bible, the church is not a building or a set of programs. A church is a diverse group of people gathered together to celebrate, proclaim, and grow in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. What distinguishes a church from just a crowd of attendees or a social organization is the intentional creation of a community where people are encouraged to grow in their faith in Christ and where practical needs are met as we live life together.

At Risen Hope Church, we build this community through our Community Groups – small groups that meet via Zoom or in-person in area homes or at the church building twice each month. These groups welcome visitors and provide a great way to get to know people.

Interested in checking out a community group?

Our groups meet in Drexel Hill, Havertown, and Prospect Park on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Contact the leaders below or the church office for more details: (267) 930-4673 or

Drexel Hill

StBill and Becky Davis - Risen Hope Church

Bill and Becky Davis
Tuesday @ 7:30pm


Rodney and Angela Goldston - Risen Hope Church

Rob and Becky Irias
Tuesday @ 7:00pm


Jason and Kayte Gomes - Risen Hope Church

Dan and Noele Huie
Tuesday @ 7:00pm



Dave & Pattie Heidengren - Risen Hope Church

Alex and Teresa Chen
Thursday @ 7:00pm


Prospect Park

Rodney and Angela Goldston - Risen Hope Church

Tim and Gayline Shorey
Wednesday @ 7:00pm